At Netflix, crafting a cinematic framework for Design Systems.

Case Studies


Blending Brand and Product

By Josh Mateo

Personal • April 2021

By giving elements within a brand a purpose, co-authoring a shared perspective, and ultimately connecting that to code, you can scale those decisions effectively, faster over time.

The Paradox of Design Systems

By Josh Mateo and Brendon Manwaring

Spotify • December 2018

Creating a paradigm shift wherein Spotify designers no longer view themselves as users of the system, but instead as core contributor and co-author of a shared system.

A Design System Isn't One-Size-Fits-All

By Josh Mateo and Jillian Nichols

Spotify • December 2018

A system is a community effort–internally and externally. We met our peers in San Francisco to gauge where the industry is heading and share our learnings back to the community.


  1. Why and how to hire systems designers / Interview with Framer